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Le quartier libre


The restaurant « Le quartier libre  » ,that could be translated by « Of duty  » has a very original concept.

For a flat fee you will have to pick four dishes that comes in a tray.

The menu will change regularly with the seasons, but is always made of 16 different choices that are written on big ardoises on the walls.There will always be 4 choices of meet or fish , 4 of starch (carbs) , 4 of vegetables and 4 suggestions.

When you’ll arrive at the quartier libre, you will find a pen and a grid on each table to be able to cross the 4 dishes you’d like to eat.

Be careful to book a table if you plan to eat there, the place is generally crowded!

The concept worked so well, they actually opened a second « quartier libre » a few blocks away from the first one.