Dinner in the sky 10th anniversary (From 1 to 5 june 2016)


Ever dreamed of  eating at one of the best « tables » in belgium while at the same time being lifted by a crane at more than 50m ?

Dinner in the Sky, has met the challenge by providing a unique occasion to discover Brussels’ high cuisine in the most extraordinary manner possible: 22 guests and 1 ‘starred’ chef will share an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the skie over the capital, enjoying an unparalleled view of Brussels and its surroundings while delighting in rare dishes and fine wines.

In 2006 Brussels welcomed a world first with a surreal concept: Dinner in the Sky. Ten years later, this magical table brightens the sky in no less than 55 countries.

So it’s only natural that in 2016 they celebrate this 10th anniversary in an exceptional manner, in the city where it al began: Brussels.

They wanted to make a wild dream come true by having 10 chefs cook simultaneously for 10 tables that are lifted by 10 cranes at the same time, high in the sky in front of the Atomium!

From June 1 until June 5, 2016, for five days, gastronomy will reign supreme in Brussels.

Each day the 10 chefs will treat 220 guests to a delicious lunch (12H30) and 2 dinners (19H30 & 21H30) high in the Brussels’ sky.

For more information or to Book directly just ask or staff or click on the links in this sentence (words in red).

Be careful though if you are scared of heights !!




Tram Experience



How do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant? Aboard you will be served a three-course meal put together by top chefs from some of the best gourmet food cities of the world, whilst you tour Brussels by night for two hours.

An original way to dine and do some sightseeing at the same time!

For its fourth season, Tram Experience invites you to discover the cuisine of the greatest women chefs in Belgium and from a variety of other regions, such as Mexico, Scandinavia and South Africa.

From now on, you will be able to opt for one of their two menus: « Tram » menu 6 courses (3 appetizers, starter, main course, dessert) or the « Experience » menu 7 courses (with an extra starter) – available on Fridays only.The 6 courses menu tour takes about 2h, and the 7 menu courses menu only available on friday takes about 2h45.

Furthermore, Tram Experience is remarkably sponsored by top chef Lionel Rigolet who brings along rigour and expert knowledge, the hallmarks of a two-starred chef at the helm of one of the most prestigious culinary institutions: Comme Chez Soi.

Seven tours are offered each week. All tours depart from Poelaert Square.
– Tuesday* :  8:00 PM
– Wednesday* :  8:00 PM
– Thursday*:  8:00 PM
– Friday:  8:00 PM
– Saturday : 6:30 PM & 9:30 PM
– Sunday:
> 7:00 PM (from 21 August to 4 Oktober 2015 and from 29 May to 17 July 2016)
> 12:00 PM (from 11 Oktober 2015 to 22 May 2016)

Due to the amount of people that would like to try this experience and the limited places (34 seats in total) , booking a few days in advance is nearly an obligation.
There are 2 ways to book you tram experience:
-You can either go to one of their offices on grand place,or on Rue Royale 2-4, or you can book online (payment by credit or bank card only).

For more information, visit their website , or as usual dont hesitate to ask our staff.


Le quartier libre


The restaurant « Le quartier libre  » ,that could be translated by « Of duty  » has a very original concept.

For a flat fee you will have to pick four dishes that comes in a tray.

The menu will change regularly with the seasons, but is always made of 16 different choices that are written on big ardoises on the walls.There will always be 4 choices of meet or fish , 4 of starch (carbs) , 4 of vegetables and 4 suggestions.

When you’ll arrive at the quartier libre, you will find a pen and a grid on each table to be able to cross the 4 dishes you’d like to eat.

Be careful to book a table if you plan to eat there, the place is generally crowded!

The concept worked so well, they actually opened a second « quartier libre » a few blocks away from the first one.


Aux Beaumes de Venise


The name of  the restaurant is related to: « the baumes of venice » , a delicious soft white muscatel wine . In contrast of what the name could suggest,  the wine isn’t from venice, but from a village in the vaucluse (south of france) , called baumes de venise.

This wine also exists in red and suits particularly well to the dishes the chef prepares in the restaurant.

Aux Beaumes de Venise is an elegant, Parisian brasserie-styled restaurant with a warm and friendly setting in Ixelles, close to place Brugmann.

With its veranda and little garden, it is the perfect spot for a dinner together. It serves refined, seasonal French cuisine, prepared by the chef and accompanied by the wines recommended by his wife.
With 15 years of experience and mentions in the Michelin and Delta Guides, Sabine, Abdel Bouassab and their team deliver gastronomic French cuisine for the most demanding palates.

A surprising list of wines has been selected to accompany the dishes by friend and « first sommelier of Belgium » Yves Catulle.

Their menu changes each month.
It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, lunchtime and evening.
More information is available by our staff, or visit their website (in french only).



Le mucha


Situated in a quit neighborhood in the east of brussels , and in an atmosphere of a restaurant from the early 1900, the mucha restaurant proposes  » french bourgeois cuisine »  and some italian dishes.

The seasonal suggestions changes each 6 weeks as well as  their 3 services menu (34,50€ or 53,50€ with the aperitif, a 1/2 bottle of wine, and coffee).

When the weather allows it, they have a quiet and very pleasant terrace.


Museum of Music Instruments


Just a few steps away from Magritte museum or the royal palace you will find the museum of music instruments.

Housed in a beautiful art nouveau structure of which one part is Art Nouveau and the other, neoclassical in design, the museum exposes on 4 floors more than 7000 musical instruments including everything from the bizarre to the beautiful.

In addition the museum of musical instruments has a concert hall, a space for workshops (for groups and by reservation only), a museum shop, a library and a rooftop restaurant, from where the breathtaking view over the city gives a unique flavour to the menu. Since May 2015, violin maker Thomas Meuwissen established a permanent workshop, freely accessible to all.

Don’t miss a trip to the top of the structure where you can get a magnificent panorama of Brussels!

(For extra information you may consult their website , but as usual our team will be very glad to help you )